The Other Side of the Mountain wins the 2013 Best Film Award at the International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality.  

A word from the producer, Joon Bai, on receiving the award:

"For me….my wife and I had worked for 6 years with all our energy at our sunset-age and with the burning love for the people in North Korea... to tell THEIR STORY.

For the North Korean production staff, actors, and everybody involved in making this is truly a recognition for their dedication, hard work, and passion to bring the story on the screen under the extremely difficult conditions.

For North and South Koreans….we hope that this film will start a small torch light that someday spread across the Korea peninsula for all KOREANS everywhere to see the unified land. 

For those millions of separated families…we hope that this film gives them the peace until the day they all reunite again…if not on earth, in heaven."


Authorj bai