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The theme of forced separation amongst loved ones is one of the most painful human experiences. The film shows people's desires to be united. Korea is the only country today, which is still divided by war. War has caused millions of people to be forcefully separated and left them suffering. This film was a way to address those issues. The story is based on true events and reflects the millions of people and casualties of the war today. It gives a voice to the survivors of the ongoing conflict, who have been cut off from the rest of the world for the last 60 years. During the making of the film, we observed the insufficient conditions and lack of infrastructure of the country of North Korea. Their desire to make a film that expresses their motivations has brought everyone together to make a film of this nature. Unlike all other films produced under strict orders and for propaganda purposes by the government, this film gives a voice to the citizens of North Korea with hopes to bring peace and reunification one day.